In an age when the price of everything seems to keep rising, Diagnostic Solutions is committed to bringing the cost of vibration monitoring down!

Traditional systems require a high level of financial investment and expertise in order to be effective.  Our solutions take advantage of emerging technologies such as USB, WiFi, PDAs and GPRS to make them affordable, and we have put the expertise into the products themselves so they can be used by ANYONE – even non-engineering specialists!

The portable USB-Vib system is the low cost answer for anyone wishing to integrate vibration monitoring into their predictive maintenance routine.  This solution is ideal for asset managers or third party service providers who wish to have the flexibility to take ad-hoc readings as well as regular monitoring of machines.  Our unique USB accelerometer combines with any USB host mobile computing device and, when coupled with our dual personality USB-Vib software module, creates a spectrum quality condition checker or route-based vibration collector.
For critical or inaccessible assets, an online system is recommended.  We design and produce a range of online vibration surveillance products ranging from fixed wired to wireless/GPRS solutions.  Software modules are available to provide permanent mimic, local health or web-based status displays.
Both portable and online systems integrate with SmarTrend – our web-based portal – to allow flexible viewing of plant status by key staff from any internet-enabled browser.  Through the SmarTrend portal, our vibration specialists can also conduct a full remote analysis of vibration data and report on status and maintenance recommendations accordingly without the need to visit your site.
Whilst our technology provides a more flexible, cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to regular engineer site visits, we understand that sometimes the presence of an expert can be invaluable.  That’s why we have a team of experienced engineers on hand to offer a range of support services, from database setup and initial site assessment, to training and troubleshooting.