Modules/ PCB Design

Diagnostic Solutions prides itself on being at the forefront of rapid prototyping and maintains a ‘building block’ approach to solving machine condition monitoring measurement problems.

We are committed to the deployment of effective low cost Condition Monitoring solutions and realise that having your own badged product is critical to your company image.

We have PCB/ DLL and software support module expertise related to dynamic data measurement, processing and diagnosis, our main technology areas:-

  • Micro electronics
  • USB interface
  • A/D (16 or 24 bit with PGA)
  • Battery power
  • Wireless interface
  • Vibration Diagnostic Related software and DLL’s

Embedded Sensor Board Set

3 board set designed to mount over a sensing element

Dimensions X x Y Z

Uses USB power and data transmission, 16 bit ADC, 3 envelope bands

OEM Board set

Small 3 board stack designed to embed within plastic enclosure or a PDA head shell

Dimensions 25mm x 37mm x 12mm

20kHz, 12800 line

3 x Envelope band pass filters (customisable)

MUX (x, y and z ICP)

AC & DC input

Tacho input

USB power/data (60mA @ 5V)

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